Temple Israel

Adult Education

Temple Israel of Long Beach, aka “The Bayit”, provides a wide range of learning experiences from beginners to experienced learners, either as an individual or part of a class environment or in a modern lecture setting.

Throughout the year, we provide opportunities to make study part of your day. We offer classes in:

  • Chumash
  • Tanach
  • Mishna
  • Talmud
  • Practical Halacha
  • Siddur
  • Jewish Thought (Machshavah)

Here are our current course offerings:



Shabbat Afternoons

1 hour before Mincha

Rabbi’s Shiur

Timely discussions of Rabbinic Sources

Sunday Mornings


Mishnah in the Morning

An Interesting Journey through the 6 Orders of the Mishnah

Tuesday Evenings


Crafting an Ethical Jewish Life

This course will introduce the participant to the three areas that are essential to living a complete Jewish life: Relationship to Self, Relationship to G-d, and Relationship to Others. Join us weekly, for a lively discussion and study of how to make our lives more meaningful.

All of the above courses are offered at Temple Israel and are available to the public free of charge, without regard to congregational affiliation.

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